My Feelings For You (Mark Knight Remix)

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The second remix of this classic to drop as part of our 30 Years of Vicious celebrations, we’re delighted to welcome Toolroom Records head honcho Mark Knight to remixing duty. Mark’s signature house music sound has remained a staple of Beatport and Traxsource charts since they first started, not to mention on vinyl before the digital era of music began. Recognised as one of the world’s most well known DJs and producers, here Mark adds his own flavour to the almighty Avicii & Sebastien Drums hit. A powerful and funk fuelled house vibe is the recipe for success here. Complete with the original hooks blended seamlessly with Mark’s unique trademark groove, and a super slick arrangement that punctuates the theme. The full vocal teases as the tune really starts to kick, firing forward with an energy that will lift any crowd. Adding a cheeky, well timed Pete Tong sample paying homage to Avicii’s legacy adds to the sustained emotion of the track. Mark’s monumental remix works on a myriad of levels and will instantly stand out in DJ sets. Mark Knight comments “It’s a big deal getting to remix Avicii. He’s without doubt one of the most talented producers we’ve ever seen – a modern day genius who was taken from us far too soon. I wanted to keep my remix sympathetic to the original while also putting my own stamp on it, so I took it back a little closer to the vibe of the Gwen McCrae source material – loosening things up a little and giving it a bit more of a disco flavour. I was honoured to be asked and I hope people connect with the results.” We’re super happy to have Mark Knight remix this iconic track for us, and for his mix to be part of our pinnacle 30 Years of Vicious celebrations. He’s wholeheartedly delivered an incredible version that’ll fire up floors across the world without a doubt and does the original club anthem the justice it deserves!