Malibu Shadows

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James Ash continues his post Rogue Traders return to the dance floor with another release on Vicious, dropping his new original vocal house cut “Malibu Shadows”. Firstly James introduces things with his VIP Mix, keeping all the Original’s charm and simply adding a slight rearrangement and a few little snippets here and there. Still brimming with summery vibes, the lead male vocal sitting beautifully over James’ smooth production… Shuffling beats, subtle chords and wonderful uplifting piano’s lead the way, leaving room for the vocal to shimmer on top. To add even more club clout, remixes come from European duo Alaia & Gallo, Vicious label boss John Course and Perth house music aficionado Mind Electric. Alaia & Gallo bring the energy up with their driving tech house production vibe ready to rip floors apart and delivering on their solid run of club focused remixes that have seen them topping club charts globally. Then Mind Electric drops his trademark fat house production with a killer energetic and piano led remix that really nails the vibe and enhances the great vocal. Finally, John Course gets a little old school, dropping a firing piano driven dub, (with more than a little throwback Chicago house music vibe).

A cracking set of mixes and a great step to see James Ash’s dance floor connection continue throughout 2021 and we couldn’t be happier to have him back with us at Vicious HQ.  Click here for more about James Ash