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Rounding out the year 2021 we have a sensational EP from Jack Coletta. Jack has previously released on our sister label Valiant Records along with notorious Melbourne label “Recovery Collective” which has seem him develop a solid following in the scene down under.

After some back and forth with some tasty tunes we settled on Markarska and Molo. Makarska is more of emotive of the two when Jack drew inspiration from a recent trip to Croatia. A record perfect for those summer nights, windows down and the wind blowing in your face…….The percussion, keys and vocal ad-libs carry the tune throughout and is perfect for the upcoming summer season here in Australia.

On remix duties for Makarska, we have the wonderful Vanita. Hailing from Zurich, Vanita has been on our radar for a while and we are thrilled to have her on UGenius for the first time. Her signature melodic chug and raw production is one for the peak time selectors and will be certainly a staple in a few sets.

The B side “Molo” is most definitely written with the dance floor in mind. Jack’s organic sound is gritty, forward thinking and blurs the line between genres.

Hope you enjoy.