Last Night

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Having grown up surrounded by electronic music, (his dad being a DJ since the eighties), Sammy Smooth was bound to have music in his blood. As he says “It really clicked in me when I got my first DJ controller… That’s when the whole world of electronic music opened up to me”. He was then only 14 years old and now 3 years on, Sammy’s creations are built in Ableton Live 11, Serum and on his computer.

Fast forward to 2022, where Sammy saw the Radio Metro / Vicious producer competition on Instagram. As he says, “I didn’t think I was old enough to enter the competition until I submitted a track to be played on Rotation and was told that I should submit the song to the competition”.

‘Last Night’, a rave techno banger was the said winner of that competition as chosen by us at Vicious HQ and hence here it is on our Vicious Black label including a hot new remix from Needs No Sleep.

The Original takes a vocal line we can all relate to, dropping the words ‘I Don’t Know What Time I Got Home Last Night’ before kicking in with banging drums and big synths, creating a raw, rave-ish, techno meets club production that has a great energy and a killer vocal hook.

Needs No Sleep brings his remix talents to the fore with a tough tech house workout, keeping the awesome vocal line, and adding his now familiar club vibe.

It’s a great club cut from Sammy and with him also already DJing at a small venue called Caffeine Kings on the Gold Coast for the past two years, he is sure to be somebody we will all watch in the coming years with great enthusiasm!

Welcome to Vicious Sammy Smooth and here’s to many more releases… A big shout out to Radio Metro for supporting new producers and helping get this new music out to the world!