Hollow (ft. Alverie)

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Kicking off the first release on 2022 are label heads ‘The Journey’ where they have teamed up with Rachel May. Delving into the deeper side of their repertoire, ‘Hollow’ is extremely musical with a wide variety of elements filling the record throughout. Slowly building in typical “Journey” style with Victorian vocalist ‘Alverie’ perfectly complimenting the instrumental, this groover is a must for open air gatherings this season. On remix duties is Tristan Case & TAYA. Hailing from Sydney and the Hinterlands in Australia respectively, both producers bring their own flavour to the original On the back of a Number 1 overall release on Beatport and 6 top ten single in the past 12 months, Tristan has already captured the hearts of a lot of listeners with his smooth and spacial production and doesn’t hold back with momentum on his remix. TAYA on the other hand whose discography is already quite extensive with releases and support from some of the biggest artists in the world, showcases why he is one of the more in demand producers in country with a classy remix that really encapsulate his underground roots. Enjoy.