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The first compilation of the year kicks off in style with four tracks all unique in their own way and individual to one another.

Adam Saykan releases his debut track with UGenius with an 11 minute hypnotic groover titled Apoc. The simplicity of this record is what makes it great. It rises and falls over its entirety and is the perfect tool in a DJ set.

BÄTO returns with his signature sounds and own vocal. The record comes after a stand out live set at Revolver upstairs late last year where BÄTO had the crowd in the palm of his hand with an outstanding performance filled with emotive records just like “Tomorrow”.

Following up is “Airwave” by Cazbar. This is a melodic techno monster, filled with progressive elements, harps and a driving bassline. Perfect for open air events, the consistent drive and bright synth line makes this a real “hands in the air” record.

Rounding out the release is PDC with “Off Piste”. The Peoples Dance Collective describes this record as a “Big Room Italo” track. It’s a contemporary dish using traditional Italian ingredients. A huge distorted acid 16th pattern baseline, analogue arpeggio and a punchy but very simple 909 drum pattern. The track was tape mastered in Berlin at Calyx studio, so if you listen close you can hear that warmth, rawness and maximum loudness. Italo was all about sounding like the future and I feel like this track is somewhere between a deep powder run and outer space.

Use it at a peak moments for full effect.

Enjoy x