Burning Up (feat. Mia Palencia)

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House music reaches all corners of the globe and Southlight, hailing from Australia’s most southern island of Tasmania, prove that in this globally open world, you can produce killer tunes from anywhere on the planet… The original kicks off with a funky percussion led house feel before dropping into the top line vocal with a funky bassline bubbling underneath.

Then we welcome big piano’s as the chorus drops and the vibe just gets bigger from there. File under ‘Uplifting house music’. Then, to bring it from a slinky groove to a full blown energetic piano houser, NuGroove wraps his production prowess around it with his remix. Big house drums, classic organ bassline, the huge vocals and eventually huge piano drops. A killer energetic piano house remix to pair with the funky groovy original…

Welcome to Vicious Southlight!