Blood On The Dancefloor

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“Ethereal pop vocals… perfectly suited to the dark and deep trap-infused beat.” – Purple Sneakers

“She’s making a new push, signalling a new era for the NYNE project as she rebuilds the momentum and solidifies her place in the Australian pop music world.” – Pilerats

“Having announced her arrival as the first Australian artist or producer to work with one of the world’s most electrifying musical teams, Drake’s OVO collective, NYNE is ready to take over Australia’s moody electro pop underground.” – Tone Deaf

Today, enigmatic Melbourne artist NYNE announces her new EP Season 2 and drops first single, the electro pop banger Blood On The Dancefloor. NYNE is preparing for a new era, building on the brilliant run of singles she’s already had – ‘I Think You’re,’ ‘Bad Trip,’ and ‘Facts’ – which have all been widely supported by the likes of triple j, Fader, Pilerats, Idolator, Purple Sneakers and more.

On the track, NYNE SAYS….

NYNE first burst on the scene a couple of years ago after building a SoundCloud reputation for her productions to provide the vocal hook and inspiration for Sevn Thomas’ (Rhianna, Travis Scott) breakout single, ‘Can’t Sleep Alone,’ and thus became the first Australian artist to be associated with Drake’s hip-hop and production outfit, OVO.

Since then she’s turned heads with her debut single ‘Bad Trip,’ which snared triple j high rotation and a bunch of playlists, and then wrote and performed on Allday’s smash ‘Sides’, as well as Paces’ monster track ‘Savage’, with Gold ARIA plaques and a whole lot of radio play between them. Live, NYNE has toured with Paces and Allday in front of huge crowds, and supported Mallrat on a national tour.

Now NYNE is back with the kind of electro pop sound that put her at the very front of the new wave and looks set to continue to build the momentum she’s continued to feed into over the last few years – continuing to maintain her mystique, but letting in just enough light to keep her fans craving more music, more info, more NYNE.