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Whilst sifting through Demo’s on an end of summer walk in Salzburg in 2022, one EP most definitely stood out. Two dreamy tracks from Luxembourg artist Samwell (LU) stuck like an earworm and we couldn’t resist the urge to listen several times. “Bird” is a beautiful deep melodic track, fluttered with keys and atmospheric tones throughout. The B side “Loft”, the heavier of the two, features synth’s and a beautiful floating vocal to assist the track in it’s rise and fall. Taking charge of the remix of “Bird” is Inherent (AU), a 3 way collaboration between Tristan Case, Covsky and FRAIS who’s individual projects are outstanding their own right. The guys have absolutely smashed their remix with total class and is already gaining lots of support from big named artists. 3 beautiful tracks that should be all heard from start to finish……..over and over again