bad as u

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After years spent honing her craft surrounded by some of Australia’s finest musicians and DJs, Melbourne singer/songwriter paris404 makes her debut on Be Rich Records with her alluring and aurally seductive first single ‘bad as u’. Through her dedication to writing, learning, and evolving musically; paris404 has fostered an artistic identity and depth owed to her immersion in adult contemporary sounds from R&B sensations like H.E.R. and Jhene Aiko to icons of pop including Rihanna and Dua Lipa. Showcased perfectly within her debut offering, paris404 immerses us into her musical world exploring themes of young love, heartbreak and the ache for thrilling experiences. ‘bad as u’ sets the tone perfectly, leading off a series of forthcoming singles that showcase the versatility, charisma and allure that underpins her entire project.

“I started writing ‘bad as u’ when I was going through a series of ups and downs with someone I really cared about; but when we got into the studio and started to play with the production, melodies and lyrics, we realised we could turn the track into something more light-hearted and flirtatious. Creating ‘bad as u’ from start to finish including sessions we spent recording it, as well as filming the visuals for it has been such a special journey that I am extremely grateful for, as well as everybody involved” – paris404Drawing from her vast experiences beyond the studio, including a performances with 90s hip hop icon Coolio and Aussie pop royalty Delta Goodrem, not to mention packed crowds at multiple NBL season games, paris404 is poised to carve out a prominent place for herself in the music industry and bring her unique blend of modern R&B and cinematic pop to audiences worldwide.