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As most of you are aware, Amore is the Italian word for ‘love“, and what a beautiful word it is, isn’t it?
Love is uncertain and love is blind.
Love will pick you up and Love will let you down.
Love isn’t perfect, nor should we strive for it to be.

TJIG is a collaboration between The Journey and Multi Aria winning and Grammy nominated producer Ivan Gough who’s tenure and accolades in the music industry go unmatched. “Amore” is a bright, playful number, tested and ready for the European festival dancefloor. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens who also have a list of achievements too long to start listing, absolute smash their remix out of the park. Whilst staying true to the original, these two gentleman lift the original to another level with their signature sounds and production.
On the flip side, “You” is dreamy, euphoric and if the breakdown doesn’t make the hairs on your arm stand up then we will gladly give you your money back. Young Argentinian star Ric Niels is on remix duties and is all class with this take.