Always On Time

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Chicago native Proppa returns to EXCEED dropping his fresh new take on the Ja Rule and Ashanti hit… Always bringing the dance floor vibes, Proppa’s bootleg of Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” first got him noticed on a global level and since then he has continued dropping bomb bootlegs and cracking original tunes, this being his latest.

Chunky drums, the iconic guitar hook, shuffling hats and of course snippets of the super catchy vocal are all chopped together in Proppa’s unique style, delivering a cracking re-make of the original R&B classic. Add to the package a thumping remix from Chusap who ups the energy big time. New chop up’s on the vocal and retaining all the hooks from Proppa’s version, this one provides a great alternative to the original for those who like things a little more slamming. Two smashing versions and a super strong finish to 2023 from Proppa here at EXCEED