Malibu Shadows (Remixes)

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For the second set of mixes on James Ash’s great new classy vocal house cut “Malibu Shadows” we see Melbourne DJ and Producer Marcus Knight join the party along with James’ Original and John Course’s Extended Mix. James’ original is brimming with summery vibes, and similar to his VIP version from the first package, the lead male vocal sits beautifully over James’ smooth production. Then, showcasing his mastery of the house music genre, Marcus Knight‘s remix immediately settles into a thumping classic house groove, over which he gives the anthemic vocal’s space to do their thing. Closing this remix package out we find the full vocal extended mix from John Course, which builds on the vibe of his Piano Dub from the first package, this time adding the full vocal to the shuffling old school house music drums and pianos. A superb collection of house tracks to round off this huge release from James Ash!