Lost In Sound / Awaken

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As 2021 carries on and the world starts to open up we continue to evolve. This release we offer you 6 diverse tracks in a split EP all built for the dance floor in different ways.

MAMI, a fresh duo making waves in Melbourne, team up with Rem Siman & Nasia Delis on vocals for their lead track ‘Lost In Sound’. A track built specifically for those euphoric moments, this dance floor weapon lifts a floor with its progression and flow with Nasia’s powerful voice absolutely delivering throughout. “We wanted to capture that festival euphoria; that visceral feeling you get hearing the melody of a song”. Rem also provides a ballsy VIP edit best heard in the early hours of the morning, water in one hand and a beer in the other. This debut track for the duo sets a solid benchmark for what is to come.

Their B side ‘Seasons’ was written during an extensive lockdown here in Melbourne with the changing mood of day to day life being a metaphor for a “change like the seasons”. A progressive monster that suits the open air but also the club, is appealing for many selectors, bridging the gap between accessibility and the underground.

On the other end of the spectrum, Brett Kelso delivers two tracks Awaken and Wakanda perfect for the upcoming Australian festival season. Awaken, which is much more driving and progressive than Wakanda is built for those dusty dance floors and gets sensational remix treatment from Ebony Willis, who’s affinity for ominous sounds shines true with her take and will be sure to get a workout.

All in all a package for everyone.