Bebetta is a playful, colourful and creative personality who likes to inject everything she does with a sense of fun. She has been doing her worldwide bookings in clubs and festivals since 2008 but you can still call her a Bedroom-Dj when she puts on her pajamas for her livestream-session ‘Bebetta In Bed’. Here you can listen to Bebetta’s current favorite tracks and discover pillow fights while playing ‘bed2bed’ with other artists. Her considered sound touches on melodic house & techno with a real focus on melody, driving drums and emotional sensitivity and the DJ’s own personality always manages to shine through in the sets she lays down. Her own productions have been offered up by different labels and since 2020 on her own Label ‘Eating People‘. She pours all her focus into her music, but also into design for her merchandise and the beautiful covers of her musical releases. As such she is a warm and creative soul who simply wants to connect with people in any way she can.