1998 – Blackout deliver with “Gotta Have Hope”

Gotta Have Hope was a tune started by Sgt Slick, along with friend Darren Glen, before Andy Van and John Course reworked the track into a new version. The label founders showcased the track at Midem (a music industry conference held annually in Cannes, France), on the Vicious Vinyl ‘new release cassette’.

UK-based label, 95 North, loved the version and promptly signed it. About four months later a pack of 12” vinyl singles arrived in the post to Vicious’ Melbourne office and inside was the new 95 North release of ‘Gotta Have Hope’ including a remix by hot UK duo Dillons and Dickens. John reflects, “We remember playing it for the first time in our studio after opening the package and looking at each other thinking… wow. It blew our minds, we just loved it”. The remix not only gave the original a huge bassline, but it added a massive breakdown that reworked R. Strauss’ classical anthem called ‘Also sprach Zarathustra.”

The track went on to be licensed all across the world, peaking at number 3 on the UK’s Music Week Club Chart and 54 on the UK’s national pop chart. As much as we loved the creative genius of the Dillons & Dickens remix, 95 North allowed Sony Germany to create a music video without any consultation with Vicious or the artist … Not a fantastic way to work with a label lol … Here’s that video >